Cambridge Economic Associates (CEA) is an economic consultancy which brings together a team of research and evaluation practitioners with long experience in applied economic analysis, social research, the evaluation of public policy and the formulation of economic development strategies.

CEA specialises in the assessment of the impact and cost effectiveness of initiatives and programmes concerned with economic, social and environmental regeneration.  These initiatives cut across the main service areas of central and local government and their agencies covering a wide range of policy areas, including skills and training, business competitiveness and enterprise, land and property, housing, environment, transport and community development.

Problems in these broad policy areas manifest themselves at the national level, in the regions, in local government areas and in small urban and rural neighbourhoods. CEA carries out studies at all of these spatial levels and on the relationships between them. This is essential because of the complex pattern that is developing in social and economic inequalities in different parts of the United Kingdom.

CEA places a high degree of emphasis on gaining a better understanding of the nature of the regeneration process itself and in particular the appropriate role of central and local government, the private sector, the voluntary sector and local communities. The delivery of regeneration initiatives to local areas through mainstream programmes, local authorities, area based regeneration initiatives and partnership arrangements is another area in which CEA has carried out important work.  The policy of the company is to undertake assignments of strategic policy importance and to complete them to a high standard of quality.